Świnica – a mountain adventure in the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains

Świnica – a mountain adventure in the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains

Climbing Świnica.

Hello adventure lovers and hiking enthusiasts! We are starting a series of our mountain adventures. Our first goal is to climb one of the most picturesque and difficult peaks in the Tatra Mountains – Świnica. Get your backpacks ready, tie your boots, and join us on this fascinating hiking challenge!

Tatra peaks, the best panorama from Hala Gąsienicowa.

Chapter 1: About the Pig and Its Charm

Świnica, with an altitude of 2,301 meters above sea level, is one of the most recognizable places in the Polish part of the Tatra Mountains. Located in the Kozi Wierch massif, Świnica offers amazing views of the nearby peaks, including Kriváň, the national mountain of the Slovaks. Spectacular landscapes make it a dream destination for mountain lovers.

Chapter 2: Preparing for the Climb

Before starting to climb Świnica, it is important to be properly prepared. Make sure you have sturdy mountain boots that can withstand the terrain. Also, don’t forget comfortable clothes that will give you freedom of movement, a rain jacket and gloves that will come in handy on chains. Bring a map and headlamp with you just in case. Remember that safety should always be your priority in the mountains.

Chapter 3: The Climbing Trail to Świnica

The climbing trail to Świnica through the Valley of Five Polish Ponds in the direction of Zawrat is one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most rewarding variants. This route offers not only extraordinary views, but also unforgettable climbing experiences. We start our journey in Palenica Białczańska. For the first kilometers we walk through picturesque areas, passing the charming Mickiewicz Waterfalls and the majestic Siklawa Waterfall. It’s the perfect place to take a short break and admire the beauty of nature.

Then we head towards the Valley of Five Polish Ponds. This part of the trail offers not only stunning scenery, but also the opportunity to see five beautiful lakes. It’s a great place to take pictures and relax while enjoying the tranquility and fresh air.

After crossing the Valley of Five Polish Ponds, we continue our journey towards the Zawrat Pass. This is where we start the most demanding part of the route. We are faced with steep ascents, rock walls and technical difficulties. We must be prepared to use chains and use our hands to assist ourselves when overcoming the more difficult passages.

After the hardships of the climb, we reach the Zawrat Pass, which is a certain stage of our journey. From this point on, the road is one-way and leads directly to the very top. We can take a break here, refuel our energy and admire the beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. However, our goal, which is Świnica, is still ahead of us. The last stage of the climb leads us through rocky ridges and narrow paths to the very top of Świnica. This requires self-confidence, concentration and the ability to overcome terrain difficulties. But as we climb higher and higher, we will get closer and closer to reaching our goal. On the top ridge we will have the opportunity to admire the panorama of the Western and High Tatras. If we’re lucky, the weather will allow us to see even distant peaks on the horizon.

Chapter 4: Getting to the Top

After several hours of the route and overcoming many difficulties, we will finally reach the top of Świnica 2,301 meters above sea level, the moment when you stand at the top and look at the nature around you will be unforgettable. You’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that you’ve crossed your own boundaries. The amazing panorama of the Tatra Mountains is now in your sight.

Chapter 5: Safe Return and Summary

Don’t forget that climbing mountain peaks involves some risks. Remember to exercise caution during the descent and follow the safety recommendations. If you are a beginner climber, it is advisable to consult an experienced mountain guide or join a group that has experience in this type of tour.

To sum up, climbing Świnica is an extraordinary adventure that offers not only beautiful views, but also the opportunity to cross your physical and mental limits. Remember that every mountain trip requires proper preparation and respect for nature. Enjoy this hike and be a responsible hiker.

See you on the mountain trail, where more adventures await us.


Start/end: Palenica Białczańska/Kużnice
Length: 21 km
Time: 10 hours
Route type: difficult, chains, high exposure
Ascents: 2456 m
The most interesting places passed along the way: Mickiewicz Waterfalls, Siklawa Waterfall, PTTK Shelter in the Valley of Five Ponds, Zawrat Pass, Świnicka Pass, PTTK Shelter in Murowaniec.

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