Zakopane – the winter capital of Polish

Zakopane attracts tourists from all over the world. Attractive places, charming hiking trails and mountain climbs are some of the numerous attractions that await the guests. The promenade in Zakopane has been very popular for many years – Krupówki is a place teeming with life with fashionable restaurants, delicious regional food and characteristic souvenirs that are recognizable in many places around the world.

Zakopane is the largest city located between the Tatra Mountains and the Gubałówka range. Situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, it marks the border with Slovakia. Colloquially referred to as the winter capital of Polish, it is a city with a unique climate, the most beautiful tourist trails and mountains, from which the views are breathtaking.

He fascinates with highlander culture, climbing and landscapes.

Guests visiting Zakopane for entertainment and cultural purposes, thanks to a variety of attractions, will certainly find something for themselves. First of all, the place worth visiting is Krupowki. It is the most popular street in Zakopane, and at the same time the center of entertainment life. The walking tour starts from Nowotarska Street and continues all the way to Zamoyski. A more than one-kilometre walk along Krupówki Street attracts tourists with a variety of shops and stalls offering the sale of regional souvenirs, as well as local food products, e.g. oscypek. There are also numerous attractions waiting for tourists, e.g. a horse-drawn carriage ride, concerts or local bonfires with roasting sausages and oscypek.

Near the intersection with Nowatorska Street, there is the Church of the Holy Family, which was built in 1896 in the neo-Romanesque style. The distinctive basilica consists of a main tower, two side smaller turrets, as well as three chapels. Inside, you can see the historic chapel of St. St. John the Baptist, which is made in the Zakopane style.

For many years, Zakopane has been delighting tourists from all over the world, who are fascinated by highlander culture, mountain climbing and insane landscapes.

Between the heart of the Tatra Mountains and the pulsating Krupówki Street.

There is also the Wax Museum on Krupówki Street, where we can see many interesting characters from the world of film and fairy tales. The actual size of the figures makes the feelings after a visit to the museum very realistic and positively commented on among visiting tourists. Another place worth visiting is the Tatra Museum. Tytus Chałubiński. It has many branches and outlets, including one of them on Krupówki Street. In the museum we can see numerous exhibits related to the Zakopane region, as well as natural, historical and ethnographic exhibitions. Particularly noteworthy is the library with unique collections of books, including some of the most valuable ones, to which only authorized persons have access.

Another tourist attraction of Zakopane is the square under Gubałówka. All you have to do is go straight ahead behind the church and pass the tunnel to enjoy the charm of the Zakopane market. The market is famous for the sale of oscypek, honey, as well as leather products and characteristic clothing with folklore and highlander motifs.

From pulsating clubs to sporting events

When presenting attractions in Zakopane, we cannot omit entertainment. In Zakopane there are numerous pubs and discos where you can go crazy until dawn. In regional taverns and during open-air events, you can listen to the singing and music of exceptional highlander bands. Zakopane is a place of numerous festivals, sports attractions and many interesting cultural events. It is here that numerous events take place, not only of national but also world rank, such as the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane.