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Winter Options

What to do in winter in Zakopane?

Winter attractions in Zakopane and Podhale are a real paradise for lovers of white madness. The most popular ski slopes, such as Kasprowy Wierch, Polana Szymoszkowa or Białka Tatrzańska, offer a wide range of ski lifts and slopes with different levels of difficulty.

In addition, winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy cross-country skiing trails or start their touring skiing adventure. But that’s not all – there are also other attractions in Podhale that encourage you to visit the region, not only for skiing enthusiasts.

Where is it worth skiing in Zakopane and the surrounding area? Which cross-country trails are the most interesting? Where to go for the first ski tours in the Tatras? Below you will find our suggestions for those who do not part with skiing in winter.

Downhill skiing in Zakopane.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 4.5 km.

Address: Kuźnice 14, 34-500 Zakopane

Difficulty: intermediate and advanced

Kasprowy Wierch is one of the most popular ski slopes in Zakopane. Skiers appreciate it for its naturalness, because the snow on the slopes is completely natural. It is also the only alpine slope in Poland! The available routes are:

  • Goryczkowa (1770m)
  • Gąsienicowa (1200m)
  • ski trail from Hala Gąsienicowa (8500m)
  • ski slope from Goryczkowa (3500m)
Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 4 km.

Address: Polana Szymoszkowa 2, 34-500 Zakopane

Difficulty: beginner and intermediate

Polana Szymoszkowa is one of the most popular ski stations in Zakopane. It delights with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains. It has two cable cars: the first, 6-seater, leads to the top of Gubałówka, ideal for skilled skiers (1322m), while the second leads to the middle of the slope, ideal for beginners (400m). At the bottom station there is also KidsPark Szymoszkowa, dedicated to the youngest adepts of skiing.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 3.5 km.

Address: Oswald Balzer Road 30, 34-500 Zakopane

Difficulty: for beginners

This is another place where skiers direct their boards, especially beginners and children. Nosal offers 6 different routes, such as:

  • Tatrapoma P1 (200m)
  • Tatrapoma P2 (145m)
  • Tatrapoma P3 (250m)
  • Tatrapoma P4 (240m)
  • Tatrapoma P5 (200m)
  • T5 tape (33m)

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 4 km.

Address: Harenda 21A, 34-500 Zakopane

Difficulty: beginners, intermediate and advanced

For fans of winter sports, there are 6 trails available on Harenda. Advanced skiers can choose an 800 m long slope that meets FIS standards and a slightly longer one (900 m) that is moderately difficult. Less experienced skiers can try their hand at two medium-difficult trails (100 m), while beginners have two easy trails at their disposal, 200 m and 250 m long. For the youngest, there is a Ski Kindergarten.

Downhill skiing in the area.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 25 km.

Address:Centrala 181B, 34-405 Białka Tatrzańska

A complex of ski slopes located in Białka Tatrzańska on the slopes of Kotelnica Mountain (918 m a.s.l.) and Jankulakowski Wierch (934 m a.s.l.). There are six chairlifts in the resort, the longest of which is 1350 m long, a T-bar lift and two platter lifts. The total capacity of the lifts is 13,770 people per hour. There are 8 downhill slopes available for skiers, artificially snowed, groomed and illuminated, with a total area of 42 ha. There is also a ski slope connecting with the Bania ski resort.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 25 km.

Podokólne 1, 34-532 Jurgów

Recreation and Leisure Centre “Hawrań” is located in the village of Jurgów, in the Spisko-Gubałowskie Foothills. The station is located 2.5 km south of the village center, just before the Slovak border. The ski slopes on the north-western slopes of Górków Wierch (1045 m a.s.l.) offer a total of 4500 m of trails varying in difficulty, gradient and length. Here you will find one of the most difficult black and red slopes, designed for experienced skiers and snowboarders. For the less advanced, there is a green slope, as well as lifts for children. A total of 7 downhill slopes, artificially snowed, illuminated and groomed.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 20 km.

Address:Wierch Rusiński 70, 34-530 Bukowina

A family ski station on Wierch Rusiński in Bukowina Tatrzańska offers excellent conditions for skiing. RUSIŃ-SKI is a place where the whole family can enjoy the view of the Tatra Mountains, the Gorce Mountains and Babia Góra. The longest route is 11250 m long. There are trails of varying difficulty, including a six-seater Porsche Design chairlift, a four-seater chairlift, two drag lifts, a babylift for the little ones and a snow tubing track. The training lift for beginners is separated from the main route, increasing the safety of winter sports enthusiasts.

Distance from Smrekowa Polana Resort & Spa: About 9 km.

Address: Suche 103b, 34-520 Suche

Located in a charming corner of Podhale, the newest station in the Skipass train offers a modern, four-seater chairlift. Here you will find everything that skiers and snowboarders need – ski school, equipment rental and catering outlets. The length of the route is 640 m.

Podhale Ski Lift – the gateway to endless winter adventures surrounded by the picturesque Tatra Mountains.

Cross-country skiing, cross-country skiing to Zakopane.

For several years now, cross-country skiing has been gaining more and more popularity in Podhale, and every year there are more and more tourists who choose active recreation under the Tatra Mountains. Thanks to the increasing number of winter runners, new attractive routes are also being created. Without a doubt, the Podhale areas are very beautiful, especially when they are shrouded in winter weather, so we encourage you to relax actively and go on one of the routes.

Cross-country skis are not difficult to master, you just need to take a moment to master your balance and learn the basic glide. Equipment is also not a problem, people who do not have their own skis can easily rent them even for a few days, in one of the numerous rentals located in Podhale.

Here are a few cross-country trails that are worth choosing because of the mountain charms and beautiful views.

The 4 km long route on the Krupowa Plain, designed for beginners, is an easy route without major hills. The advantage of this location is the lighting, so you can run not only during the day.

The 3 km long loop of the Central Sports Centre , very well prepared, considered to be one of the most professional routes in Poland, where Justyna Kowalczyk also trains. There are rentals and an inn where you can relax after your runs.

A loop in the vicinity of the road under Reglami, about 6 km long. There is an equipment rental and an inn nearby.

The loop on Harenda , 4 km long, is located on the left side of the lift. The route is more demanding, with uphill sections, which runs along the slope of Gubałówka. The route is worth visiting because of the beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. At the lift there is a rental shop as well as an inn.

Siwa Polana is 7 km long, the route leads practically through the entire Chochołowska Valley, it is a fairly simple route.
The route to Chotarz is 10 km long, easy, although there are a few climbs along the way. At the beginning of the route there is a rental and a parking lot.

The route in Kiry, 4 km long, flat sections are conducive to people with weaker fitness.

The route around the “Bór” nature reserve.One of the longest routes in Podhale, 15 km long, starts at the airport in Nowy Targ and runs around the “Bór” reserve. The route does not have any major elevation gains, but due to its length it is intended for athletic people.

Loop in the Bór housing estate, length 5 km.

The route on the Long Glade, length 4 km, on site there is a rental shop, a parking lot and an inn.

The 4.5 km long route at the Kotelnica ski lift , well prepared, illuminated, there is a tavern nearby and, of course, the entire complex of ski lifts.

The Pod Grapą trail, 7 km long, leads between the ski resorts of Bania and Kaniówka. There is a rental shop and a café in the area.

The “Sołtysi Potok” trail, 10 km long, is one of the longest cross-country trails in Podhale, it leads from the top of Kotelnica to the Białka turnpike.

Ski touring in the most beautiful place in Poland.

Ski touring in the Tatra Mountains has become an extremely popular way to discover the charms of mountain landscapes. Ski climbing allows lovers of winter activities to fully enjoy the beauty of the Tatra nature, both on the ascent and during the descent. There are many ski touring rentals in the region, offering this fascinating form of movement for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Regardless of your level of advancement, using a guide during your first ski touring trips in the Tatra Mountains can be a crucial experience. The guides have not only local knowledge, but also experience in assessing snow conditions, safety and adapting the route to the skills of the participants. A joint trip with an experienced guide allows you to safely learn the technique and rules of ski touring, and at the same time to fully listen to the sound of snow and breathe fresh mountain air.

During this extraordinary experience, participants have the opportunity not only to develop their skiing skills, but also to discover hidden corners of the Tatra Mountains, away from ski slopes and tourist traffic. It is an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to combine a sporting adventure with the natural beauty of the Tatra landscape.

Recommended routes:

  • From Kuźnice to Kalatówki
  • From Zadnia to Rusinowa Polana and Goose Neck
  • From Kuźnice to Hala Kondratowa and further to the pass under Kopa Kondracka
  • Through the Little Meadow to Przysłop Mietusia
  • To Hala Gąsiennicowa and further to Karb
  • From the Chochołowska Valley to Grzesia and Rakonia
  • From the Valley of Five Polish Ponds to Zawrat
  • Along the ridge through the Red Peaks

A winter sleigh ride in Podhale, surrounded by white landscapes and the sounds of bells, you will discover the unique magic of traditional sleigh travel.

If you’re not a skiing lover, don’t worry!

Podhale does not end only on the ski slopes. This region offers countless winter activities that attract not only skiing and skiing enthusiasts. Discover the charms of winter nature while enjoying a variety of activities available to everyone.

Sleigh rides prepared by the locals are one of the most classic forms of entertainment offered by highlanders. Available in almost every town, they allow you to spend time in an amazing atmosphere, traveling by sleigh accompanied by highlander music and songs. They often end up at the campfire with roasted sausages and oscypek.

The most popular places for sleigh rides:

  • Sleigh ride in the Kościeliska Valley
  • Sleigh Ride Chochołowska Valley
  • Sleigh ride Zakopane Gubałówka

An original form of winter entertainment is provided by snowtubing. Riding on a large pontoon takes place in a designated track filled with snow. With no control, the tire bounces and spins freely, providing joy, laughter and great fun. Snow tubing enthusiasts will find the best tracks for driving on tires. in Gubałówka, Bukowina Tatrzańska and Białka Tatrzańska.

Another proposal for lovers of extreme sensations. Noise and adrenaline rushes in the scenery of Podhale forests. As with sleigh rides, a snowmobile ride often ends with a campfire, sausage roasting, and something warm to drink.

This attraction, although it came to Zakopane from abroad, is very popular. You can take part in a sleigh ride, led by a sled of Husky dogs, or more extreme – drive the dogs yourself. Take care not to get tricked by a sled or get stuck in a winter snowdrift.
In December, January, February or March, it is also worth hiking. In winter, it is worth visiting Morskie Oko and the valleys: Kościeliska, Chochołowska or Gąsienicowa. The winter landscapes of the Tatra Mountains are breathtaking, and the snow-capped mountains look phenomenal. Before hitting the trail, it’s a good idea to check the weather and trail conditions by leaving early so you can get down before sunset.
After a day full of winter adventures, relax in one of the numerous thermal pools available in Podhale. It is the perfect way to end an active day and enjoy the pleasures of thermal baths.