Museums & Culture

Museums & Culture

Experience art and history in the heart of the Tatra Mountains.

Zakopane is a place where culture comes alive at every turn, tempting with its artistic and historical richness. We encourage you to discover this unique region, where every corner tells its own story.

Throughout the Podhale region, you can find numerous branches of the Tatra Museum, from which it is worth starting your journey through this land of history and tradition. The main building, located right next to Krupówki Street, hosts permanent exhibitions presenting the history, ethnography and nature of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale.

The Władysław Hasior Gallery, dedicated to one of the most outstanding artists of the region, is a place where sculptures, paintings and scenographies provide a visual story about Zakopane’s artistic heritage.

In Villa Koliba, where history is intertwined with the Zakopane style, there is the Museum of Zakopane Style. It is a place where the first house designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz takes us back to the times when Zakopane’s architecture began to create its unique character.

The Karol Szymanowski Museum in Villa Atma is a fascinating record of the life of the composer, who became permanently associated with the local landscape, creating his immortal works.

The Kornel Makuszyński Museum is associated with the life and work of the writer, publicist, theatre critic and one of the most popular writers for children. It also sheds light on the work of other prominent artists, including Włodzimierz Jarocki, Stanisław Wyspiański, and Konstanty Laszczka.

The Gallery of 20th Century Art in Villa Oksza is a wooden villa with an exhibition devoted to works related to Zakopane, the Tatra Mountains and highlander culture. It is considered to be the most multimedia branch of the Tatra Museum

The chapel in Jaszczurówka, built without a single nail according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz, is a jewel on the route of wooden architecture.

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Jaszczurówka is a typical example of the Zakopane style.

The Jan Kasprowicz Museum in the former Harenda Villa, as well as the granite mausoleum that contains the ashes of the poet himself, are a double testimony to the culture and history of Zakopane.

The Witkacy Theatre, in its mission to discover the cultural heritage of Zakopane, becomes an arena for performances, exhibitions and concerts.

In the Oscypek Museum, the secrets of the production of highlander cheeses are revealed to visitors, offering the opportunity to taste and understand this traditional art.

Regional Traditions

Zakopane is also a place where traditions are cherished from generation to generation. Folklore festivals and events, such as the International Highland Folklore Festival, allow locals and visitors to celebrate the region’s cultural heritage.

In Zakopane, culture is alive at every turn. We invite you to discover the artistic and historical richness of this unique place, where every corner tells its own story.